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+64 27 312 1089

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Capturing memories through the lens.

John Sheppard crafts inspiring images. Whether it’s a portrait to celebrate the love of a family, an image that captures the essence of a landscape, a graduation portrait or a wedding album – John will create a striking and original suite of photographs for you.


The art of painting with light and pixels

For many decades – going back to my first encounter with a 35mm SLR camera as a teenager – I have been in love with the power of a great photograph.

It can capture emotion and communicate beauty like nothing else. We experience much of life through our eyes, so it’s hardly surprising that photographs pack such a powerful punch.

I have received professional training in the craft of photography, so I can talk about lens lengths and aspect ratios with the pros. But I never forget that the true art lies in spotting that moment where everything comes together. It takes a talented eye, as well as the ability to put people at their ease, so they can relax and reveal their true natures in front of the lens.

As you can see from my portfolio, I specialise in working with people and landscapes. The types of photographs my clients often ask for include individual and family portraits (formal and informal), graduation, group and school photographs, landscape, architectural and garden photographs. 

I enjoy a challenge. If you have an idea for an image, but you don’t know if it’s do-able, give me a call. I would love to help you achieve your goal

Let’s create something unique!


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